Cluck Trial Ends With Guilty Verdict and High Emotions

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Just an hour after going into the back room to deliberate the jury handed down their verdict in the Monica Cluck trial.

It was guilty on all charges including 1st degree sexual assault of two minors.

Outside the courtroom, family broke down as they left the premises.

We tried to catch up with Cluck as she exited the Greene County Courthouse, but at that moment things took a very unexpected turn, as emotions took over and the family lashed out.

*Exclusive video on our website show the events as they happen in the Greene County Courthouse parking lot.*

After the incident in the parking lot and after Cluck and her family departed, we talked to her attorney about the guilty verdict.

"We certainly knew it was a possibility because there were a lot of bad facts that came out in this case. We still believe though that the proof did not establish that she was in a position of trust or authority at the time the acts occurred," said Randel Miller.

However, the state would meet the burden of proof and believes the jury made the right decision.

"I think the jury by their verdict indicated that they didnt' consider the things she was emotional about as things that would excuse the conduct, and they determined they were going to hold

Her accountable for it," said brent davis.

In closing arguments Prosecuting Attorney Brent Davis pointed out that some of the testimony seemed formulated, and even the defense agreed some points might not have come across the right way.

"There were problems that were pointed out and brought out by certain witnesses that would make it easy for a jury to say I don't believe this particular witness," said Miller.

And no mater who said what, the final verdict was guilty, and that was one that led to an emotional close to this four day trial.

Thursday night's events were quite unexpected.

Until the verdict came down, Cluck's family had been very cordial with us.

Her sentencing is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. Friday morning.

Cluck could be facing fines, prison time, or both for the charges of 1st degree sexual assault of minors.

After the incident in the parking lot, KAIT Vice President and General Manager Tim Ingram provided this statement:

"This is obviously a difficult time for the entire Cluck family, however we will provide for the safety of our journalists as they cover news in Region 8.  We are reviewing this incident and KAIT will take any actions necessary to protect members of our staff."