Children Left In Car, Mother Arrested

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO  (KAIT) A Caruthersville, Missouri woman is in custody this evening after police say she left 3 children in a vehicle while she passed out in the house.

Around 8 forty Thursday night, Caruthersville police were summoned to a home on Tenth street.

LT. Michael Coleman, CPD "The officers received a call of approximately 3 children left in a vehicle at the time it was undetermined how long they had been in the vehicle."

Apparently the driver, 34-year old Larissa Davis had gone into the house and left 3 children from ages 2 to 5 in the car including her own son. Two of the children she had been watching for a friend.

Coleman, "During the investigation it revealed that she had apparently been under the influence of some type of medication and once she parked the vehicle in the driveway she got out and went into the residence evidently passed out leaving the three children in the vehicle."

The police report itself is not very clear on how long the kids were left in this vehicle right here but Ms. Davis mother says it wasn't very long at all.

Carla Davis, "Between 3 or 4 minutes, my daughter came in went to the kitchen to get some canned goods and they started falling on her. She had gotten a concussion the night before and it made her a little dizzy. She came in here and sat on the couch, I told her to lay back and rest. Then I went outside with my grand daughter and got the kids out of the car. "

The children were not harmed and the two were taken home by their parents. Due to Ms. Davis impaired condition she was taken into custody.

Friday afternoon Pemiscott County prosecutor Mike Hazel issued a warrant charging Larissa Davis with three counts of endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree.

Ms Davis is currently being held in the Pemiscot County Jail. No information on bail or a court date has been set.