ASU Billboard Offends Some, Ignites Excitement Among Others

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- A billboard along Caraway Road in Jonesboro is igniting a firestorm of controvery, when all the university wants it to do is set off excitement for the upcoming 2008 football season.

The billboard reads:  'Howl Yes! I want season football tickets.'

It's a part of Arkansas State's marketing strategy to get people excited about the changeover from the Indian to the Red Wolves mascot.

Region 8 News asked people what they think of the billboard's message.

"The billboard that I'm looking at isn't very positive."

"I don't like it it looks like it's saying 'Hell Yes.' I don't think it's very positive," said Kirsten Wilson.

ASU's Indian Club says the real meaning behind the message, is to fill the stadium stands before football season.

"We've had some people comment that they didn't like it but we've had some people who absolutely love it," said Doug Doggett, with the Indian Club. "You have to look at the real intent behind the message, which is, we want people to get excited and buy season tickets and howl."

They say it must be working because they're right on track, if not surpassing, last year's season ticket sales.

Some people say they like the 'Howl Yes' campaign and think the billboard will help build excitement for the impending football season.

"That billboard, it's Arkansas. Leave it up there."

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