Name Clearing Hearing For Former 911 Director

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- The City of Jonesboro's former 911 Dispatch Director, Bob Andrews, was granted a name-clearing hearing, which was held Thursday at the Huntington Building.

Andrews was fired on April 8th.

Jonesboro Mayor Doug Formon says he made the decision to fire Andrews because of his "solicitation of protected information regarding fellow employees." That's according to a termination letter.

The information in this case is the birthdate of Public Works Director Eric Woodruff, who was the target of an investigation led by Alderman Judy Furr.

"Why did you make the call to him (Andrews) about Mr. Woodruff," said City Attorney Ralph Ohm.

"During the course of the conversation I asked him if he knew how old Eric Woodruff was," said Furr.

"Why'd you need to know how old he was," asked Andrews' Attorney, Jay Scurlock. Furr replied to his question with "I don't know."

Furr told the finance committee she had decided to do her own investigation into Woodruff's past. However, she won't comment on what information she wanted to get ... only that it wasn't criminal in nature.

Mayor Formon was asked why he didn't notify the city council of the situation immediately ... instead of waiting until April 1st, one day before Andrews was put on leave.

To that the mayor replied, he wanted police chief Mike Yates to take over and see if anything criminal in nature had resulted from the conversations between Furr and Andrews.

"I just wanted to make sure that if there was a crime committed that he had what he needed as far as information," said Formon. "At the regular council meeting, which was four days later, I did notify the city council."

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