Changing The Logo: A Big Task

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - For more than half a century ASU football was played on tribal ground, so to say, but as the wolf pack gets ready to make it's howl in Arkansas, there's a lot of changes underway for the upcoming sports season.

"The first things we want to work on are the things that are most visible to our customers, to our fans, and our alumni," said Athletic Director Dean Lee.

And what's visible is a whole lot of Indian memorabilia, in fact, ASU's football stadium is full of Indian signage.

"There's a large ASU logo with the Indian Headdress in the S that will need to be taken out; then, on the scoreboards and on the front of the press box," said Lee.

That's only on the football field. The baseball field and soccer field are also marked with the Indian mascot.

The cost to relogo all of the athletic facilities, with the exception of the basketball court, will come with a price tag of 75 to 90-thousand dollars.

However, the university says it could have been worse, but some previous change is keeping the cost down a bit.

"We've already went through the transition promoting the STATE logo over several years. So, we don't have quite as much had we not went through that transition period," said Lee.

And it is the hopes of ASU Athletics that by their first game in September, the Wolves will be howling.

"It will be Red Wolves everywhere. The STATE logo will be very prominent. Hopefully we will have the Indian logos off the prominent areas inside the stadium," said Lee.

It's just one more step ASU is taking to be in compliance witht the NCAA.

ASU Red Wolves' first game is September 6th against Texas Southern.

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