Bizarre Early Morning Accident

JONESBORO (KAIT) A bizarre auto accident Monday morning sent the driver to the Med after it took over an hour to cut her out of the car.

The accident happened on Arrowhead farm road just west of Etter Hill and North Culberhouse.

Justin Etter lives nearby and heard the crash around 8 Monday morning.

"I heard a really loud crash, no brakes, no nothing just a loud crash. So I came around the house and seen there was a car up in the trees. Looked like a silver car from where I was at. I ran down there to check on them and another guy was there with me and he called 911. "

Battalion Chief Alan Dunn, JFD "We received a call that one vehicle accident at the corner of Culberhouse and Arrowhead Farm Road. Engine company arrived on the scene found this vehicle behind us that was wedged between a couple of trees and up in the air. "

The car was going East on Arrowhead road when the driver lost control after clipping a sign and the edge of a culvert. She then crossed over into the Westbound lane going airborne and winding up between the trees.

Dunn, "We had to crib the vehicle to keep it from falling because as you start to cut the car away to free the victim it compromises the integrity of the car."

After the roof and doors were removed, rescuers were faced with another problem.

Dunn, "We discovered that her legs and feet were pinned up under the dash. We had to lift the dash up off her in order to get her out"

Once the dash was moved off her she was removed from the car.

Dunn, "Got her out put her on a spine board along with EMS and Air Evac which was on the scene and Air-Evac transported her to the Med."

The one thing that Chief Dunn said about this extrication is that the location of the vehicle wedged between two trees made it extremely difficult to get in their and work.

Dunn, "This was a little more difficult since we had to deal with the trees and the brush and the undergrowth that had grown up along the fenceline here. That did make it more difficult for us to gain access to her. "

Dennis was airlifted to the med where she is reported in stable condition. No cause for the accident has been determined