Flooding Leads To Lower Wheat Yields For Farmers

Newport, AR (KAIT)- "We had two floods that were near 100-year floods within three months of each other, which is unheard of," said Region 8 farmer, Dennis Haigwood.

He says he's in the hole at least $250,000 because of hundreds of acres of flooded wheat fields.

Randy Chlapecka is with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture. He says when it comes to lost income on wheat crops, it varies across the board.

"Really we were excited then and then we started getting calls from people who were saying they were yielding 20 to 30 bushels," said Chlapecka.

With diesel approaching $5 per gallon, it makes the situation even worse, he says, for those farmers with crops on the White River bottoms in Independence and Jackson counties.

"You've lost all those production costs and for those who were flooded, they've lost on both ends," he said.

Now, farmers are trying to make up all that lost revenue... by replanting.

"They (farmers) were able to plant corn and grain sorghum. They had the option of planting more crops than soybeans."

Still, Haigwood says, all the replanting won't make up for the losses many Region 8 farmers have suffered.

"It's pretty hard to soak up."

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