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Jonesboro, Keith Boles reports

Top Trucker From Region 8

JONESBORO (KAIT) Almost everything we come in daily contact with at one time or another is hauled in a truck. Driving a truck takes skill and practice and once a year the best drivers in the country gather to show their skills. One national competitor is based here in Region 8.

Neil Templeton has driven a truck the equivalent of a 126 times around the equator.

 "I never was really any good at books, it's just something I always wanted to try and it gets in your blood."

 Meet Neil Templeton, truck driver with over a million miles behind him, father, and possibly one of the best truck drivers in the state and maybe the nation.

In the state driving championships Neil came home with number 1 in the state in the tanker class.

 Paul Tarver, Con-Way Freight, "You have to participate in an interview, a pre-trip inspection, a course inspection and then a written get points for each one and Neil has scored the most points on it."

Neil doesn't drive a tanker now he hauls doubles: every night, usually to Nashville. But he has driven a tanker before.

 Templeton, "We already had drivers competing with Con-Way and we try and compete in every class so I took the tank class. "

 Neil has won the state championship for two years in a row but for the Con-Way company he's just one of a long line of award winners.

 Tarver, "In the last 5 years Con-Way has sent more drivers to the national competition than any other carrier that is participating in it."

 The state and national competitions require a driver to have a good working knowledge of his business and then it tests the practical experience of the driver.

 Templeton, "Then we pre-trip a truck, we have like 10 minutes to find anything wrong with the piece of equipment. And then we do a driving course. "

 I rode along with Neil as he put his "pup" through a simulated challenge.

 Templeton, "I can put a steer tire right on that (white edge marker). It's done at slower speeds in the competition because it's on such a tight course.>

 After a million miles of safe driving what advice can he give us to make us safer drivers.

 "Dedication, awareness, pay attention to your surroundings, I don't know a combination of a lot of things to be a safe driver."

 Templeton will be competing in the national driving championships on August 19 - 23 in Houston Texas.

 A million miles behind him, a million more to drive

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