Probation Revoked for SeMo Dogfighting Suspect

BLOOMFIELD, MO - Probation is revoked for a 30-year-old southeast Missouri man charged with dogfighting and drug possession.

Jamie Sifford of Dudley was charged in October after a raid of his property.  Sifford was on probation after a 2006 guilty plea to drug charges.

Sifford has not yet gone to trial on the October charges.  But at a probation hearing on Monday, a judge ruled evidence suggests that Sifford hosted dogfighting and possessed illegal drugs in violation of his probation.

Last month, charges were dropped against another man arrested at Sifford's home, 29-year-old Curtis Pickering of South Fulton, TN.

A third man, 30-year-old Jessey Short of Cape Girardeau, is set to appear in court later this month on dogfighting charges.

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