Beach Club Reopens as Sunterra

HARDY, AR (KAIT) - An open sign now hangs in the window of what used to be the Spring River Beach Club.

"We've pretty much got everything that Beach Club had, but it's just a different name and different owners, just more respectful people," said employee Courtney Fry.

The new name for the camping and recreation area located between Hardy and Cherokee Village is "Sunterra."

This comes after Terry Houltzhouser took over about a month ago and has been working since to get the area opened back up to the community.

You may recall, the Spring River Beach Club eventually closed after former owner Wayne Watkins defaulted on several million dollars in loans and reportedly left the country for Mexico.

"The people that owned it before us, apparently they've caused quite a few problems, but hopefully people will just look at us as different people, and that will help us out a lot," said Fry.

Reopening under the new name Sunterra is the putt-putt golf course, the swimming pool, the camping and river access areas, and eventually the tennis courts and recreation room.

The last time we visited this area, it was all grown up with grass and weeds, but there's been a lot of cleaning up. Even the sign of the old Spring River Beach Club is changing as the new ownership becomes Sunterra.

Even other local businesses are stepping in and helping out.

Asa Johnson is opening up his canoe rental services to sunterra.

"We want people to know that it's hear for them to enjoy as a family atmosphere," said Johnson.

An atmosphere that seemed to have vanished as scandal swirled around the former Spring River Beach Club.

And it's that very reason that the new managment wants everyone to realize it's different ownership and different ways of doing things from now on out.

"It's the same. It's different owners and different people. People just need to look at it as another chance I guess. I think once we get everything running and going, it will be a much

We are told that old memberships from the Spring River Beach Club are no longer valid because this is a new business with no affiliations with the past.

The cost for a year-long membership is $200 and it's only $5 per day.

For information on Sunterra you can contact them at their temporary number - (870) 847-3784.

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