Internet Security

Internet Security is a critical issue that most software and network vendors try to reinforce  daily. Packet sniffers, DDoS bots, port scanners and other script-kiddie tools that are available for download on the net make it imperative that you arm yourself with the most protection that will reduce the possibilities of being vulnerable and falling victim to attack.

A few simple steps to help secure yourself while using the internet:

  • Always update your operating system when new updates are available. Use the AutoUpdate option or visit your software vendor's website to check for the latest releases.
  • Use a virus scanner! Reasearch the anti-virus software by reading customer reviews to determin if the software is right for your needs.
  • Use a firewall! Most virus scanners today include a firewall. Get to know how to configure it! Does it have Learning Mode, can you block specific outgoing or incoming ports?
  • Google search keywords on how to secure your system. Read current security issues on or to keep updated on the latest threats.
  • Use the internet as if someone is always out to get you. Dont mean to discourage you but if you are not careful, your day will come where you are having to dispute credit card charges you didn't make or reformating/reinstalling your computer software.

You can't eliminate the threats online but you can reduce the chances of falling victim to attacks by being aware of the latest security holes. Your computer is the vehicle that takes you through the internet and just like the vehicle that takes you on the road, they both need to be serviced to ensure that your journey will be safe as possible.