JPD Continues Investigating "Bad Dope"

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) --  Still no arrests after at least five people overdose on drugs in Jonesboro.

The good news is, police say at least two of the five victims have been removed from ICU.

Police say they think they have a sample of the illegal narcotics that were ingested.

That sample is in Little Rock for tests at the crime lab.

The bad news is, police still don't know who or where exactly the drugs came from or if there's more on the streets.

"One of our officers referred to this as a life saving mission at this point. They are just trying to stop any more of this from going out and stopping anyone else from ingesting," said Jonesboro Police Department's, Captain Lynn Waterworth.

The problem is Jonesboro police don't know what exactly it was that caused the overdoses and sent at least five people to the hospital late Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

According to the police report, the five victims, 3 men and two women were taken to St. Bernards for treatment.

Captain Waterworth  says it's not uncommon for drugs to be mixed with other substances to increase the volume in turn increasing the profit.

"They do what's commonly referred to as steppin' on it, which means they will mix in an additive of some sort.  Most of the time it's something pretty benign, but in this case, it definitely was not," said Waterworth.

Police say they have someone in custody for questioning, but no charges have been filed.

Police are not releasing that person's name.

In addition, police say they believe they do have a sample of the illegal narcotic ingested.

That sample is being tested at the crime lab in Little Rock.

"Our belief right now is that it was not manufactured here, but we don't know that for certain," said Waterworth.

Police do know for certain that these drugs are very dangerous.

This situation also serves as a warning that there could be more of these drugs on the street.

Jonesboro Police are desperate to get to the source so no more people fall victim.

"Our concern right now is stopping anyone else from ingesting this, and stopping any kind of death that could occur," said Waterworth.

Toxicology reports will also help in an effort to treat those five victims because doctors will know what exactly was taken.

What, if any, charges filed will depend, in part, on whether the victims get better or worse.

Region 8 news will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest as it is available.