Piggott Health Care A-OK!!!

PIGGOTT (KAIT) For years the town of Piggott has supported a hospital used by the town and surrounding area including Missouri.

Now with aging baby-boomers and those who chose to retire in the Piggott area, is the health care in the area all that it needs to be?

The answer is a resounding yes!!!

Piggott had a hospital that was privately owned up until 1978 at that time the city built the building and presently operates the current hospital.

Piggott Mayor Gerald Morris, "There are a lot of people coming back to Piggott because they have roots here or maybe from when they were younger or they have family here."

As this older generation moves back or into Piggott, health care is a primary concern and the Piggott Community Hospital is prepared for most health issues and covers a huge area.

James Magee Executive Director, "I consider our market population to be approximately 15 Thousand which includes a large part of Southern Missouri. That encompasses the area we operate in and also includes a considerable portion of Southeast Missouri.>

In fact last year, nearly 37 percent of all patients were from Missouri.

One of the ways the hospital takes care of the needs of the surrounding area including Missouri is diversity, everything from medical supplies, the ambulances, to home health care to outlying clinics.

Clinics like the ones in Rector and Campbell and home health care in those towns as well as Piggott and Corning.

Magee, "We also operate medical equipment stores, we also operate the ambulance service."

The hospital has 6 full time doctors on staff as well as 2 full time ER doctors.

The hospital also brings in specialists from out of town who work out of a clinic in downtown Piggott or as out-patients at the hospital.

Magee, "We have a cardiologist, 2 pulminologists, we have a podiatrist, an orthopaedic surgeon a general surgeon so we offer as much specialty care as we can. "

The hospital also has a state of the art medical laboratory and the full range of electronic testing machines.

Magee, "We have just recently just signed a contract for a new 16 slice cat scan."

The 25 bed hospital can provide nearly everything an ailing baby-boomer might want but for you younger folks unless it's an emergency, no delivery room. Sorry mom.

Medically and economically the Piggott Community Hospital is there for the community and it's a very valuable asset.

Mayor Morris, "To the city of Piggott and the whole community our hospital is very important to us. On a scale of 1 to ten I would rate it a ten. "

According to city officials, later this summer a new assisted living center will begin construction near the hospital.