Fighting the Bite of the Mosquito

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - You've seen the trucks and probably even heard the planes overhead.

"We're out there doing the best we can to keep them under control. We'll never get rid of all of them, but we are doing our best."

Tom Royals works for Vector Disease Control and says while we got lucky that the rice fields were flooded late this year, the season of mosquitos is now biting down on Region 8.

With that being said, his company is now running all seven of their trucks nightly, and says despite the rising cost of fuel and supplies, they'll keep making their runs just as before.

"Of course, it does affect us. Just about everything we have runs on gas, but as far as us cutting down on service, we're not. We will just keep filling up and going on out," said Royals.

That's probably good news for anyone who plans any kind of venture into the great outdoors, whether it be at a local park or even into your own front yard.

And as far as things you can do at home, mosquito control experts say things like birdbaths and even spots in your yard hold stagnent water which attracts mosquitos. So, by removing the water, you lessen your chances of getting bit.

In fact, it only takes a few days for mosquitos to hatch in stagnent water.

And while their population may seem to never dwindle, Royals says talk of the pests becoming immunte to the chemicals sprayed to maintain control is still speculation because they have their own ways of making sure that doesn't happen.

"We'll change the chemicals. So, it kind of prevents them from getting immune to what we're spraying. When we mix it up, sometimes we mix it up pretty hot, so it's a pretty rich mix coming out of the back to get them," said royals.

And no matter what the cost or method, that's the ultimate goal.

I'm told that mosquito season will likely last through September, and until then remember to use products like spray on deet when your are outside to help prevent yourself from getting bit.

We're also told if you are having a special event such as a ball game or church function, you can call Vector and they will try to make a special round through your area.

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