JPD Keeping Close Eye On Local Business

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)  Jonesboro Police are keeping a watchful eye on a relatively new business that police say is already having some trouble.

The 870 Event Center is located on Johnson Avenue and latest example of that trouble was this past weekend when police say they confiscated alcohol, drugs, knives and a gun.

"I haven't had a whole lot of problems here. People come, they party, and they leave....and it's not a big problem," said 870 Event Center Operator, Charles Mabry.

Police say they don't agree.

".....Fighting, bringing guns in....the drinking when they are not supposed to. Things like that. It's just dangerous for the public," Jonesboro Police Department Patrolmen and PROWL Unit Member, Jason Cook.

The 870 Event Center on Johnson opened in late April, and police say the trouble started soon after.

Operator of the Event Center Charles Mabry says it's a venue for parties, social events and concerts, but police say over the weekend they found more inside than just people dancing.

"We did find some marijuana, a loaded 9 mm, we found some alcohol, and we found some knives that were hidden in the couch," said Cook.

Over the weekend, police say they confiscated those items from the Event Center the night Memphis based rapper "Yo Gotti" performed at the 870.

Mabry said he had about 430 people in the  room.

He says he can't be everywhere, watching everyone.

"Something like marijuana...that's hard to stop totally. I mean anytime we smell it we go to the area and we try to confiscate it and put the person out that's doing it. As you can see, the club is large. It's large," said Mabry.

Police say that's no excuse.

All of the rules and regulations explained to Mabry by the city back in April must be upheld or consequences will follow.

"The biggest concern is the fighting. People shooting--bringing guns into the club. Serving alcohol when their not supposed to," said Cook.

The 870 Event Center does not have a liquor permit.

The investigation is still open to determine if any charges will be filed.