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What You Need to Know About the West Nile Virus

In the Foxhole with 104.9 The Fox
They were "water boys" or shall we say, "water dogs". A Golden Retreiver did more than just retreive the water, he brought it to players and umpires during a baseball game.
And imagine the suprise of a Maine woman when she opened the lid of her washing machine and found an 8 ft. boa constrictor!
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Money Scope Report

Investors are bracing for what could be another wild day. The latest twists and turns came from inflation news.  June saw the biggest monthly increase in twenty-five years. But the price of oil fell for a second straight day, down $4 dollars more. That drove the biggest one-day rally ever on Wall Street... The DOW opens today up more than 276 points.

Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke told says his agency is struggling to stabilize an economy showing weak growth and rising prices. High fuel costs and weak global markets are affecting even the surging Chinese economy. Growth is slowing and China's inflation rate is more than six times what it is in the United States.  But the world's fourth largest economy may still show double digit growth this year.

The senate holds hearings today on charges that overseas banks helped Americans dodge billions in taxes. Banks in Liechtenstein and Switzerland are accused of helping wealthy Americans hide assets and avoid taxes worth about $100 billion dollars.

Merrill Lynch, the world's largest brokerage, is expected to report a fourth straight losing quarter later today. In an effort to raise fresh capital, Merrill has reached a deal to sell its stake in media giant Bloomberg for Four-and-a-half billion dollars.

The global economy may be in trouble, but computer sales are doing a brisk business. The second quarter shipments of PC's exceeded expectations, growing more than 15 percent worldwide and nearly 4 percent in the U.S. alone.  American companies Hewlett-Packard and Dell held on to the top two computer maker spots. The strong sales were fueled by demand in emerging markets and by declining prices in the U.S. and Europe.

Tech Bytes

Ti-Vo is partnering with Google to bring You-Tube videos straight to customers' televisions. The free service will be rolled out over the next few weeks to Ti-Vo users with high definition models.

Videogame makers have their eye on new audiences. The buzz at this week's E-3 Game Summit in Los Angeles is about new games and features that appeal to girls, families, and older adults. Nintendo, for one, plans to build on the success of its Wii game console.

Facebook says it has fixed a glitch that exposed the birthdays of its 80 Million members. Normally, Facebook allows its users to keep that information private, if they wish. The company says the problem lasted just a few days. But some security experts warn it's another example of how the information you post on a website, can be used in identity fraud.

A new web service allows blind people to get online from almost any computer, for free. It's called "Web-Anywhere". All a blind person has to do is plug in some headphones and get to the "Web-Anywhere" website. The Web-Anywhere browser then reads any page out loud. The program should allow blind people to use computers in libraries and internet cafes.

Health Watch

Hot Summer, Cool Foods.

On a hot summer day, heating up the house while making a meal is often the last thing you want to do.  When it gets warmer, often people have a natural suppression of their appetite and they don't feel as ravenously hungry. And what tends to feel appetizing are cooler, colder foods.  Dietitian Page Love points to foods like salads and fresh fruit.  "This is a natural craving towards some of this, so we crave the lighter things. We crave the more colorful things and we're really craving more fluid too."  Love says colorful fruits and vegetables have high nutrient and water content, but they don't always fill you up.  "Really, the missing link there is we got a lot of bulk and water and fiber, but not a lot of density -- not something that's going to really stick with you. The balance of getting a lean protein, a grain and your produce component - those three things together really are what help us feel full."  Full and satisfied, but not stuffed.

Mr. Food Recipe -Bow Ties Florentine

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