Jonesboro Man Says He Saw a UFO and We Have the Video!

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - WEB EXCLUSIVE - A Jonesboro man says he saw a UFO in the sky early Thursday morning, July 17th, that scared him so bad...well...he had an accident.

Gary Kibby of Jonesboro was asleep in his residence at Meadowview Trailer Park when his dogs woke him up at about 4:00 a.m. Thursday.  He thought they needed to go to the bathroom, but when he walked outside, he said he saw something completely different.

"I thought they had to use the bathroom. They'll wake me up if they have to use the bathroom but they were making growling noises. I took them outside and I saw big full moon and another bright light. I got my phone to take a picture of it. When I got back out, you couldn't see the moon or any stars. After I took the picture, it started bouncing around and stuff," says Kibby.

Kibby then painted a clear picture of how scared the incident made him, "I had urinated on myself. I ride bikes and I'm a pretty big guy, I'm not scared of much of anything.  It confused the hell out of me."

Kibby feels that the light, be it a UFO or not, may have been hostile.  He says he trusts his dogs instincts and if they feel bad about something, it can't be good.

Do you think it is extra-terrestrial?  Is it a UFO?  Or is it something else completely?  Watch the video, then vote in our web poll and finally, discuss it in the comments!  We want to know what you think!