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The Dark Knight Swings Into Region 8

Morning Fire in Jonesboro Sends One to the Hospital -

The fire started at about 2 o'clock this morning.

One person has been taken to the hospital with heavy smoke inhalation, after fire fighters found him inside the tri-plex apartment building on 1606 south main, across from Jonesboro High School.

Main St. was blocked for nearly three hours, but is now open this morning.

The three apartment complex sustained heavy fire and smoke damage, and police tell us everyone else made it out of the building without injury.

The fire is still under investigation.

Huffing Death in Arkansas-

A 15-year old Arkansas boy is dead after huffing Freon and then jumping into a swimming pool.

Faulkner County Authorities say he inhaled the cooling agent from a nearby air conditioner.

Police also found a second boy in the pool with a black plastic bag over his head that tested positive for Freon.

Deputies say that boy was breathing, but disoriented when they arrived at the home.

He was treated and released from the hospital.

Money Scope Report

Oil is up slightly this morning, back above $130 a barrel following a stunning three day drop.

That still leaves prices down about $15 since hitting a record on Monday. Some experts think oil may

have peaked.

Tumbling oil boosted stocks for the second day, with the DOW surging another 207 points. Some Tech Titans could weigh on Wall Street today. Google, Microsoft and I-B-M all reported earnings last night. Google shares are set to tumble after its profit fell short of expectations. The slumping economy appears to be taking a toll on Google's online advertising business, which accounts for almost all of its profits.

Microsoft's stock is also set to slide today. The software giant said its profit last quarter was weaker than expected. And it could miss its target again this quarter.

I-B-M didn't disappoint investors. Big Blue's profit topped Wall Street's expectations, helped by strong overseas sales. But shares actually dipped on concern the worsening economy will eventually hurt the company.

Investigators have raided the St. Louis headquarters of Wachovia Securities. They were looking into complaints from hundreds of customers who said they were misled about the terms of their investments. Those people say more than $40 million dollars of their assets are now frozen.

Tech Bytes

Amazon begins offering video on demand. Amazon has started testing a new online store that lets customers watch thousands of movies and t-v shows instantly. The shows are streamed from Amazon, just like cable video on demand services. So there's no delay and no downloads. Amazon video on demand is only available to a limited number of customers for now, but will be widely available later this summer.

All those new I-phone 3-G owners hoping for a longer battery life have a new way to keep their devices juiced up. A company called i-Phoneck has released this new back-up battery designed just for the new i-phone.

Some new software can clean up the music collection on your i-phone, i-pod or I-tunes. "Tune up" keeps your music in order by automatically fixing mislabeled track information.

For example, if you have some songs listed as *the* Beatles and some as just Beatles.. The program will make sure it's consistent throughout your collection. You can find the software at "tune up media dot com."

A breakthrough new material could make microwaving faster and more energy efficient.

Researchers in the United States and Japan have developed a microwave friendly ceramic material... Which requires about half the energy that a

Typical porcelain pot needs. This new ceramic is already being sold in Japan and could come to the U.S. soon.

Finally, is the computer mouse going the way of the floppy disc? One expert is now predicting the mouse will be extinct in 3 to 5 years. He says touch screens, facial recognition systems and gesture- based devices, like the Nintendo Wii, could soon replace the mouse. The mouse celebrates its 40th anniversary later this year.