City Officially Ends All Commercial Sanitation Services

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro Alderman Chris Moore says by ending both the commercial and roll-off dumpster programs, the City of Jonesboro could save nearly 250 thousand dollars a year.

Those dumpsters are the large ones that you often see near construction or remodeling sites.

"Over the last few years, the city has steadily lost money. By the city getting out of the commercial sanitation business, it allows taxpayer money to be used in a much more efficient way," said Moore.

He has been studying the numbers for several months, and says that when it came to revenue versus losses, things weren't balancing out within the program.

"I think there was a mistake made. The sanitation department did not take into consideration that the tipping fees we collected on the roll-off dumpsters, we actually had to turn around and cut a check to the solid waste authority to handle that waste," said Moore.

Even Public Works Director Erick Woodruff admits some errors in reporting the figures may have been made.

"That's something that kind of slipped through the cracks. When you reorganize, and move your people around, and things of that nature, some things slip through the cracks," said Woodruff.

But even he says it is clear that doing away with the commercial and roll-off programs is a benefit for the city.

"We are not competitive at all. We can't compete with private haulers in this business," said Woodruff.

And moore says with the services ending the true impact on the city's bottom line will finally come to light.

"The important thing is that with the end of the commercial and roll-off programs, it will give us a better grasp on what our residential cost actually are. There's a definite chance that in the future, we might consider privatizing the residential and bidding out the pickup of our cans," said Moore.

Of course all of that would come with time and much more studying.

The decision to end the roll-off dumpster program came with initial opposition by the city's sanitation director, but once the numbers showed the program losing money, both Woodruff and Mayor Formon agreed the program should end.

The move to end the roll-off service goes hand in hand with the city's recent decision to end commercial trash pickup throughout the city.

We're told once the roll-off dumpsters are collected they will not be contracted back out.

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