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Armed Burglary Suspects on the Loose -

Police say the two men stole nearly $3,000 from a man at an apartment on Stallings Ln.

Police are looking for a 6-ft. tall, black male, who wore black shorts and a black shirt at the time of the burglary. The second man is black, 5-feet eight-inches tall with gold teeth.  He was wearing a white t-shirt.  Both were seen leaving in a brown Buick, Le Sabre.  If you have any information, call Crimestoppers at 935-7867.

Fatal Accident, One Man Still Missing - 

A Jonesboro man is dead after an accident over the weekend, and police are looking for one of his passengers.  58-year-old Larry Holladay was killed after his car hit a tree and flipped on Greensboro Rd.  Police say one person was taken to the hospital for treatment, and his condition is unknown.  A third passenger left on foot and is still missing.

Gwathney Trial Begins Today -

The murder trial begins for a man charged with three counts of capital murder. Gordan Randall Gwathney faces the felony charges for allegedly killing his mother-in-law and her parents back in 2006.  The Marianna native is also accused of attempting to kill his brother-in-law and a St. Francis County Deputy.  Gwathney could be given the death penalty if found guilty.

To the Streets - Crime Fighting   

A local organization tries to help fight crime with the power of God.

Children's Health Care 

Arkansas is one of the lowest ranking states for Children's Healthcare.

Tech Bytes

A new look for one of the most popular hang-outs on the web. Facebook is getting a facelift, making it easier for members to share photos and updates about their lives. Members will also get more control over the features that appear on their profile pages. Facebook will completely switch over to the new look in the next week or two.

A new robotic device will soon let you take beautiful panoramic pictures with an ordinary point- and- click camera. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed the Giga-pan. You put your camera in, and the device tilts and turns slowly, capturing thousands of overlapping images.

Those images can be stitched together using special software to create one huge, panoramic scene. You can get a close up look at the scene by clicking on any part of the image to zoom in. The New York Times reports the Giga-pan will be available later this year and cost in the low hundreds of dollars.

A new car camera out this week could be your best witness in a traffic accident. The Voyager Pro has a built-in G-P-S and a motion sensor recorder. When an accident occurs, it automatically commits to memory picture and data from 10 seconds before impact to 30 seconds after. The video and G-P-S information can then be downloaded to a computer and used as evidence and you can use the camera on manual record, too.

Finally, Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain has taken a lot of heat for saying he's "illiterate" when it comes to the internet. But it turns out he's hardly alone. A recent survey found only 35 percent of Americans over the age of 65 is online. McCain is fortunate, he's surrounded by aides who are wired and keep him in the loop. But many Americans simply don't have access to computers or are too intimidated to even try logging on.

Money Scope Report

Hope for an economic rebound in the second half of this year appears to be fading. A survey out this morning finds most forecasters expect growth to remain sluggish. 55% of Economists predict anemic growth of 1% or less. 32% see the economy expanding between 1-2%. Only 12% have a more bullish outlook predicting growth above 2%. Many thought the Stimulus checks would boost the economy in the final six months of the year, but most of those payments kicked in earlier than expected.

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is preparing Americans for more tough times ahead. Paulson made the rounds on the Sunday talk shows acknowledging that more banks could go under following the government's takeover of Indy-Mac Bank. But Paulson also said the banking system is still sound adding that no one with deposits insured by the FDIC has ever lost a penny.

Hollywood is celebrating a true blockbuster weekend. "The Dark Knight" took in a record 155 million dollars in its opening weekend. That shattered the previous high set by "Spiderman 3" last year. The new Batman had some help in setting an overall revenue record of 253 Million dollars for one weekend. "Mamma Mia" debuted with more than 27 million dollars in ticket sales.

Coffee lovers all over the country are sending out an SOS, Save Our Starbucks. Ever since the coffee chain revealed the list of the 600 stores it is closing, people have been trying to get the company to change its mind. According to the Wall Street Journal, customers and city officials from big cities and small towns have been writing letters, placing phone calls and circulating petitions.

Mr. Food -

This recipe "Beets" the rest this summer! 

In the Fox Hole!

It was all about the weekend box office this morning. Bob Snell hit up the theater to see The Dark Knight while Trey Stafford took the kids to see Meet Dave starring Eddie Murphy. Bob said overall it was a good movie, but it was a little bit of a let down considering all the hype. Trey said Meet Dave was really funny and not crowded!


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  • JPD Officer of the Year award announced

    JPD Officer of the Year award announced

    Monday, December 18 2017 2:42 PM EST2017-12-18 19:42:58 GMT
    Monday, December 18 2017 3:08 PM EST2017-12-18 20:08:59 GMT

    Jonesboro Police Chief Rick Elliott announced who was the top cop for his department for 2017 during their annual Christmas party.

    Jonesboro Police Chief Rick Elliott announced who was the top cop for his department for 2017 during their annual Christmas party.

  • Street department has all hands on drainage cleanup

    Street department has all hands on drainage cleanup

    Monday, December 18 2017 1:35 PM EST2017-12-18 18:35:35 GMT
    Monday, December 18 2017 3:00 PM EST2017-12-18 20:00:49 GMT
    (Source: KAIT-TV)(Source: KAIT-TV)

    With significant rain in the forecast, the City of Jonesboro Street Department is all hands on deck when it comes to drainage.

    With significant rain in the forecast, the City of Jonesboro Street Department is all hands on deck when it comes to drainage.

  • AR gas prices decrease over 3 cents

    AR gas prices decrease over 3 cents

    Monday, December 18 2017 12:53 PM EST2017-12-18 17:53:15 GMT
    Monday, December 18 2017 1:01 PM EST2017-12-18 18:01:54 GMT
    (Source: AP Graphics Bank)(Source: AP Graphics Bank)

    Prices at the pump are down slightly over the last week.

    Prices at the pump are down slightly over the last week.

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