Pizza Delivery Man Fights Off Robbers

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO (KAIT) - As he left Sunday night, pizza delivery man Terry Welch, never knew his 9 years of experience were about to be put to the test.

"I figured if they are going to get me, they are going to get me. I might as well go down fighting," said Welch.

And fighting is exactly what he would end up doing when a routine delivery turned into an attempted robbery.

Welch says he had just finished making his pizza delivery to an address on Belle Street, but when he went to get back into his car, he was approached by the two robbers, and that's when instinct kicked in.

"I said no, uh uh. I turned aggressive on them. I went for them, and beat them with my pizza bag," said Welch.

At this point the suspects fled, and Welch called the police, who were surprised by what he had done.

"There must have been something that he saw at the time of this activity that made him feel like trying to fight these guys off was in his best interest," said Caruthersville Police Chief Chris Riggs.

While he isn't sure what it was, Welch says he did see a flash in one of the robbers hands.

"I did have a moment of fear there. I would have been a fool not to," said Welch.

That's why police say, while Welch got out lucky, it's not the most advisable thing to do.

"I really don't suggest it. Normally we tell somebody if there is a robbery attempt, or if their life may be threatened to give the people want," said Riggs.

With that being said, we were left with only one question for welch.

"Are you surprised at what you did," I asked.  "Yes I am. The more I look back the funnier it looks. It wasn't funny at the time, but it is funny now," replied Welch.

And when the pizza man strikes back, well that is something to laugh about.

Welch was unharmed in the scuffle.

Meanwhile, the Caruthersville Police Department is investigating the incident.

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