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The heat is on and if your air conditioner isn't on, it probably will be as soon as you get home.  But for some, especially the elderly, cash supplies can be limited and the last thing someone wants to worry about in the summer months is having their electricity shut off. But we're here to help. Read more...

Day 2 in Murder Trial

Miller County-- Gordon Randall Gwathney goes back to trial later today, after his first court appearance on Monday.  Jury selection is expected to continue today and possibly last until tomorrow in the murder case.  Gwathney is charged with three counts of capital murder for allegedly killing his mother-in-law and her parents back in 2006.  The Marianna native is also accused of attempting to kill his brother-in-law and a Saint Francis County Deputy.

JPD's Most Wanted Captured

Jonesboro Police, along with US Marshals, arrest a man deemed as JPD's most wanted.  Shannon Chamlies is in custody this morning following his capture in the Lawrence County town of Smithville.  Chamlies has been wanted for months after Police say he was using a fake badge and telling people he was a member of JPD's "Prowl Unit".  They say he used the story to get people to turn over vehicles and money.  Right now, he faces charges of i-d theft and grand larceny.  He may also face federal charges.

Always Tracking

In a story we're still new information has turned up as the investigation continues of a one year old baby, found dead in his mother's apartment in Marmaduke. Police have not made any arrests regarding the death of one-year old Ethan Ray Roberts. Investigators say an autopsy showed, baby Ethan had been dead at least 24 hours before anyone called 9-1-1 after drowning. Police are awaiting the mother's toxicology results from the crime lab in Little Rock.

"This was the first chance that we got to actually implement, or put into the law something that gives pharmacists and especially independent pharmacies a fair deal. The opportunity to compete on an equal basis," said Congressman Marion Berry. Read more...


Some women start to notice the changes in their bodies in their mid-30's, but by the time they're in their 40's, many women are experiencing Perimenopause. It is the time surrounding menopause, it's actually a six to thirteen year process in people whose ovaries are normal and healthy. As a woman ages, reproductive hormones rise and fall unevenly, menstrual cycles may become shorter or longer as the body moves closer to menopause. For those women who are exercising, who are eating well, who are really happy in their work and relationships, they may go through perimenopause, never even notice it. For the vast majority of women whose lives are over stressed, under nutriented, under exercised, it's a big wake up call because your body is less forgiving than it was in the past. Experts warn women they may experience symptoms such as hot flashes, sleep problems, mood changes, menstrual irregularities, changes in sexual function, or bone loss. Experts say good nutrition, regular exercise and stress reduction may help ease some of the symptoms of Perimenopause.

Money Scope Report

Earnings news will likely set the tone on Wall Street today. Tech stocks could take a hit after the latest results from Apple. The company actually had a strong quarter, with profit soaring on strong Mac and i-pod sales. But investors were focused on the future and a disappointing forecast for this quarter will drag the stock down today.  Shares of American Express are also set to tumble today. A slowdown in consumer spending and an increase in bad loans sent the company's profit plunging last quarter. The company said the slumping economy is taking a toll even among card holders with excellent credit.  Anyone who's been to the supermarket lately knows food prices are rising rapidly and that trend doesn't look like it will change anytime soon. A new government forecast predicts food prices will rise as much as 5% this year and another 4 to 5% next year. Worldwide demand, bad weather and high oil prices are all contributing to higher grocery bills. One bright spot this week, the price of gas had its first substantial dropin four months. The average price fell a nickel to $4.06 agallon.  The still high gas prices are the main reason why Ford is reportedly about to shift gears, in a big way. Published reports say the company will announce a major overhaul on Thursday. The biggest change, Ford will alter its focus away from trucks and s-u-v's toward more small cars. Several plants will apparently be re-fitted to accomodate the change.  General Motors is teaming up with more than 30 utilities to address issues that may pop up when its first electric car, the Chevrolet Volt, rolls out in two years. The group will deal with issues such as tax incentives, and where and when the cars can be re-charged.

Tech Bytes

Going shopping with your TV remote, the New York Times is reporting Ti-Vo and Amazon are teaming up on new a "product purchase" feature. The technology will allow subscribers to buy products being advertised or promoted on commercials and shows with just a few clicks of their remote. Links to buy the items will appear on Ti-Vo menus and viewers will be able to make purchases without interrupting what they're watching.  People planning for retirement have a new way of figuring out what they're going to get back from the government. The Social Security Administration has added a new retirement estimator on its website to help determine what your benefits will be. The process takes just a few minutes and requires some personal information. You can find the calculator at Panasonic has unveiled a new digital camera for anyone looking for something a bit more powerful than your standard point- and- click. This new Lumix camera has 18 times optical zoom with 10 megapixel resolution. It also has an intelligent auto mode that stabilizes your pictures and adjusts glare. The camera is expected to hit shelves next month and cost about $400. Finally, the new i-phone is cheaper than the original but you have to be lucky enough to find a store that has it in stock. Right now Apple isn't keeping up with demand for the device and that has many impatient people resorting to e-bay. Bidding for the 16 gig i-phone has topped a $1,000 in several auctions and the 8 gig model is going for as much as $900. Supply should catch up with demand soon. Apple is expected to ship more than 5 million i-phones this quarter.

The Fox Hole

Say a big Happy Birthday to Trey Stafford today! The Fox Radio Renegade turns 47. Maybe for his birthday the kids will get him a pedicure... with fish doing all the work.
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