Fayetteville Military Museum Expands

FAYETTEVILLE, AR - Visitors to the Ozark Military Museum in Fayetteville will soon no longer have to hear the sometimes loud restoration work as they tour the collection of aircraft and vehicles.

The museum has opened a 6,000-square-food addition to its hangar at Drake Field so war machines can be refurbished in a large shop area without disturbing patrons.  A Huey helicopter that's a work in progress remains in the display area but it is the last piece to be restored in the display hangar.

There are plenty of projects ahead.  A World War II half-track troop truck, a Cobra gunship helicopter and an A-7 Intruder attack jet are in line for restoration.

The collection includes aircraft and ground vehicles from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)