Is Rural Crime On The Upswing?

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY (KAIT) Shirley Harrell is a crime victim.  Her break in was discovered on Saturday.

Shirley Harrell, "We found that this shop they had tried to get in the walk in door and so evidently they had prized open the sliding door. "

You can see the tool marks on the door jam from the first unsuccessful attempt and you can see where the sliding door now hangs off it's track.

Once inside the building the thieves removed both a MiG welder and power washer and rolls of electrical cable.

Mrs. Harrell took me inside the shop to see where the items had been sitting.

Both stolen items had been covered up.

(Where was the welder at?) "It was in here and it was covered up with these sacks like we've tried to cover up everything."

I visited with Craighead County Chief Deputy Rick Thomas and asked him.  Are rural thefts up significantly?

Thomas, "We have your burglaries and thefts going on as normal. We don't see anything more than usual."

In fact looking at the stats there are only 10 more reported thefts this year than the same time as last year.

Thomas says that at any one time there are three to 4 deputies on the roads of Craighead county which makes it hard to be every where at all times.

So here are some suggestions he makes to keep your stuff safe.

Lighting, locks, lock your buildings and vehicles. Alarm systems and neighbors watching out for neighbors.

And be assured local law enforcement is working for you.

Thomas, "We've recovered a lot of property for people and we want to recover a whole lot more."

And surprising as it seems in these tough times, fuel theft is not much higher than in previous years.