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Lauren Payne Reports

Animal Advocates Asking For A Change in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)  "The worst thing you can do to a dog is chain it and leave it," said Wannda Turner with Northeast Arkansans' For Animals.

Wannda Turner is hoping new ordinances will be put in place in Jonesboro to make sure that won't happen to dogs anymore.

She says when dogs are chained up and neglected, they're deprived of the attention and care they need to be safe and enjoyable pets.

She fears chaining up your pet, could turn a docile dog dangerous.

"Often times children, and adults, but mostly children are bitten  because they have gotten inside the perimeter of the dog on the chain. The dog has two choices, one they can bite or one they can flee. When they are chained, they can't flee," said Turner.

A spacious, fenced in back yard is ideal for dogs, but a cage, as long as it has ample room for the dog to move could suffice if necessary.

Turner says  she feels chaining dogs is just too cruel, and a potential hazard to the dog or someone.

"It has no chance for mental stimulation. It has no way to get away from things that frighten it, or get to the things that it needs. Chaining is something that 100 percent can cause aggression," said Turner.

"I am very much in favor of a chain ordinance in this city, said Sgt. Larry Rogers.

Rogers works for Jonesboro Animal Control and believes chaining dogs can at times cause them to become more aggressive.

Rogers, like Turner, believes the city would benefit from ordinances banning dogs being chained up.

Turner says she believes the city recognizes it's an issue that needs to be addressed.

"I believe what they're going to do is look at it as a whole and make a good informed decision," said Turner.

 Wannda Turner hopes to address the public safety committee of the Jonesboro City Council about the issue of getting an ordinance against chaining up a dog in mid-August.

We will of course follow this story and bring you updates as they become available.

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