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Maramduke (KAIT) - Kelly Honeycutt, the mother who called police in June about her dead baby has been charged with manslaughter.

Suspicious Church Fire in Poplar Bluff

Poplar Bluff authorities are investigating a suspicious church fire, and offering $5,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible.

Police say the fire destroyed the "Lively Stone Church of God", located in the 500 block of Relief Street in Poplar Bluff.

If you have any information you are urged to call the Poplar Bluff Police Department at (573)785-5776.

Gwathney Trial Continues

Trial is set to resume today for a Marianna man accusing of three counts of capital murder, in the deaths of his mother-in-law and her parents back in 2006.

Jury selection continued on Wednesday for a trial that's expected to last at least a week.

Gwathney is also accused of attempting to kill his brother-in-law and a Saint Francis County deputy.  Gwathney could be given the death penalty if found guilty.

Verizon Plans to Buy Alltel

In a letter to the FCC, Verizon Wireless has offered to sell off cellular operations and other assets in 85 markets, to win regulatory approval of its proposed purchase of Little Rock-based Alltel.

Verizon Wireless hopes to acquire Alltel for $5.9 billion, plus the assumption of Alltel's $22.2 billion debt.  The deal would make Verizon Wireless the largest wireless carrier in the U.S.

So how will this affect your bill if you are an Alltel customer? Click here for details...

Money Scope Report

About 2 million Americans are getting a raise today. The federal minimum wage of $5.85 an hour is rising 70 cents to $6.55. It's the second of three annual increases required by law. Next year's boost will bring the minimum wage to $7.25 an hour.

The Senate gets to work today on a sweeping Housing Rescue Bill to bail out struggling homeowners. The measure provides affordable refinancing to those facing foreclosure as well as tax credits of up to $7,500 each. It will also make nearly $4 billion in grants available to the hardest-hit communities for buying and fixing up foreclosed property.

Oil is slightly higher this morning a day after falling below $125 a barrel for the first time in over 6 weeks. Prices dropped almost $4 Wednesday and are now down more than $20 from their all-time high after a report showed high gas prices have decreased demand. That should help bring down prices at the pump but not all that much.

High gas prices appear to be a boom to business at as more customers seem to be shopping online instead of driving to stores. Sales jumped more than 40% last quarter and profit doubled from a year ago despite the slumping economy.

General Motors has a tough road ahead if it wants to maintain its 77 year run as the world's top selling automaker. Toyota outsold GM in the first half of the year for just the second time ever edging out GM by more than a quarter of a million vehicles. But GM did trail after 6 months last year and managed to bounce back.

Tech Bytes

A new service that truly puts the global in Global Positioning System. AT&T has introduced a service that allows some of its phones to provide GPS navigation overseas. The plan costs $20 a month and works with 7 Smart Phones including 4 Blackberry models. The maps cover most of Western Europe, Canada, Mexico and 6 cities in China that will host Olympic events this summer.

Google has unveiled its answer to the popular online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. "Knol" is now open for business after 7 months as an invitation only site. Anyone with a Google log-in will be able to submit articles. But unlike Wikipedia, "Knol" requires authors to identify themselves to help determine the source's credibility. "Knol" users can also cash in on their entries, if you submit an article, you can have ads displayed on the page. Google shares any money generated from the ads with the authors.

If you've ever accidentally dropped a cell phone or some other gadget in water you know one thing, it's not waterproof. But a special new coating could change that. The Golden Shellback Splash-Proof coating protects your electronics from water, oils, dust, dirt and more. The process will cost between $50 and $75 an item depending on the gadget. You can learn more at

Finally, if you're thinking about buying anyone a Nintendo Wii for the holidays you might want to start shopping now. Nintendo's CEO tells Forbes that his company is pumping up production of the video game console but he can't promise there will be enough to meet demand later this year.  The company has been caught off guard by the popularity of the Wii.  Yet with all the shortages, it has quickly become the best selling videogame system in the world.

Mr Food

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