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Friday, July 25 - More from GMR8

Here are your Local Headlines and More from Friday's GMR8!

Strawberry Man Pleads Guilty to 4 Murder Charges

MIAMI (AP) - Kirby Archer, 1 of 2 men accused of killing four people aboard a fishing charter last year, has pleaded guilty in exchange for prosecutors not seeking the death penalty.

Bond Set for Marmaduke Woman

Kelley Honeycutt of Marmaduke, charged in the death of her one year old son, Ethan Roberts, is scheduled to appear in court again August 27th in Greene County.

A judge set her bond at $250,000 and formally charged her with manslaughter after police say an autopsy report showed her baby died at least 24 hours before they were notified.

Honeycutt claims the child accidentally drowned in the bathtub, and authorities are still waiting the results of a toxicology report on the mother.

Gas Leak Contained in Forrest City

Some residents were evacuated as a precaution to Thursday's gas leak. Read More...

Stuff The Bus

Click here for an application for school supplies! Must be in by the end of the day Friday, July 25.

Concert Tonight in Rector!!!

Rector Helping Hands Foundation Benefit Concert starts at 7 p.m. at the Rector High School Gym. You can still get tickets. General Amission is $20 and Gold Level Tickets are $50. Click here for locations to buy your tickets!

Health Watch

Can our body's inner clock actually affect our metabolism rate? University of California researchers have found a molecular link between the two that could lead to new treatments for diabetes and obesity. Scientists say proteins produced by our Circadian Rhythms, which regulate our sleep, actually act together with another protein that affects how many calories our body burns.

Doctors note if the balance between these proteins is upset cell function is disrupted, causing changes in our sleep patterns as well as our diet. Researchers say using these findings could lead to the development of drugs, that would reve up a sluggish metabolism, helping patients avoid excess weight gain.

 And if grandma is complaining she doesn't get enough shut eye, no worries. It seems as we age, we begin to lose our capacity for sleep . A study in "Current Biology", looked at young people's sleep patterns and compared them to older participants, 60 and older. They found elderly folks took longer to fall asleep and slept for less time than younger people. Why this happens is unknown. Scientists continue to look at social factors, Circadian Rhythms, or shifts in our internal "set point" for sleep to better understand aging sleep patterns.



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