Allegedly Drunk Man Jumps Playground Fence in Batesville

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) - The playground should be a happy place, but it was far from that Tuesday afternoon at the Batesville Kindergarten Center when an allegedly drunk man jumped a fence and ran onto it while the kids were playing.

37-year-old Cervantes Primo was arrested and charged with criminal trespass and public intoxication after he admitted to a deputy that it was him who ran onto the playground, according to Independence County Deputy Wayne Green.

911 calls from the Kindergarten Center and surrounding houses around 4 p.m. said that a Hispanic man was lying in the middle of Lyon Street, according to the sheriff's office. Deputy Green says that before he could arrive, more calls came in that the man had jumped the fence and ran onto the playground, then into a house at 1857 Lyon St. Green says when spoken to, he said he didn't know why he had been at the school a few minutes prior.

Green says he could smell alcohol on Primo's breath and that he had scrapes on his knees and a bloody nose.

He was given an August 20 court date.

No children were harmed during the incident.