Agribusiness Heavies Form Biofuels Lobbying Group

ST. LOUIS, MO - The argument over using crops to make biofuels is about to get a little louder.

Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland, Deere & Co. and DuPont announced yesterday that they have formed a group that will support use of crops for fuel.  The group plans to use national ads and lobbyists to make its case.

The move comes in response to to criticism that using crops for fuel has increased the price of food worldwide.

Organizers of the Alliance for Abundant Food and Energy say they will work to persuade people and lawmakers that biofuels can prosper at the same time technology makes it possible to grow more food.

The alliance plans to lobby federal lawmakers to keep current ethanol mandates while increasing funding for agricultural research and development that could increase crop yields.

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