A Double Wedding, Senior Style

JONESBORO (KAIT) A wedding is a joyous celebration any time and this morning at the Jonesboro Health Care Center. Two couples celebrated the moment with family and friends.

Who doesn't like a wedding, especially when you can attend two at the same time. Or for that matter perform two at the same time.

Rev. Lawrence Dacus, "Never done two at the same, well they're gonna be one and then the other. But never done that before either. I been pastoring for 37 years and this is a first."

I found the grooms, James Rue and Claude Hoyer sitting in their tuxes waiting for the big moments. Nervous?

James, "Nooo, (how come) I just ain't!"

I asked Claude how come he decided to get married.

Claude, "Well it's better to be married than trying to live together."

I guess he is afraid his parents would disapprove.

Now Claude's intended Dorothy Smith gave him fair warning.

"I've been married before but all my husbands have passed away. So I'm pretty hard on men. "

James Rues' bride Sherry Moore wasn't nervous but the idea of a double wedding kind of struck her as odd.

"Well it was kind of strange having them at the same time."

At the appointed time the ceremonies began.

Then down the hall for the reception and cake, and toasting, great grand children and entertainment.

(Okay Dorothy, you been married for 30 minutes) Is that all?"

You may wonder why these seniors got married, here's why.

"Because I love her, she's a beautiful woman, he's good to me. And he just won my little old heart over."

Congratulations, Claude, Dorothy, James and Sherry. We wish you many happy years together.

Oh and Dorothy, about those honeymoon plans.

"Well they gonna push us two beds together I hope he don't fall through."

All though weddings are not uncommon, this is the first double wedding at the center.