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Robert William Byrd faces charges of 2nd degree battery, 2nd degree sexual assault and kidnapping, after allegedly taking the 8 year-old girl in Pfieffer, North of Batesville. Read More...

Body Found in Greene Co.

Greene Co. Authorities are investigating the death of a person found on Greene County road 818.  Authorities say a White Male was found and appeared to have died from natural causes. They're still not realeasing a name or saying how the body was found. We'll continue to track this story and bring you the latest.

Gwathney Trial Continues

Later today, the murder trial for Gordon Randall Gwathney continues.

The Prosecutor now claims Gwathney knew what he was doing at the time of the shooting, when, according to police, he killed three people.

Gwathney's attorney says his client suffers from insomnia, flashbacks from his time in the military, depression, and social isolation.

The state is seeking the death penalty.

Missouri Dept. of Transportation Meeting

The "Show Me State" moves forward with a plan to make commuting easier between St. Louis and Little Rock, and they want your comments.

The Missouri Department of Transportation is looking to improve a stretch of road along Highway 67, South of Poplar Bluff.

The state is inviting anyone to stop by the Hillview School in Poplar Bluff tonight between 4-7, where you can view the state's plans and offer your opinion.

Health Watch

Gastric Bypass Surgery -- It's estimated 1 in 3 Americans is obese. For those who've tried and can't lose weight through diet and exercise alone, gastric bypass surgery may be an option.

But Dr. Peter Leport cautions, it's no quick fix. "I can operate on the patient but I can't make them lose weight, I can help them lose weight with the operation."

Leport says his patients are typically considered morbidly obese. That means at least 75 to 100 pounds overweight. Before he ever walks through the operating room door, he makes sure the patient is carefully screened for possible medical complications. His center also counsels clients on dietary lifestyle after surgery. "It's a lifetime commitment to eating slowly and eating appropriately. I always tell my patients they have the easiest thing in the world to do and that is to eat slowly."

Leport warns the procedure isn't right for everyone. "It's dangerous, nobody, no surgeon would say the best way to lose weight is by operating, obviously it's by dieting." Even so, Leport claims the risk of surgery is lower then actually carrying around too much weight.

Money Scope Report

The firm behind some of the biggest buyout deals in history is going public.  Private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts will become a publicly traded company, worth as much as $15 billion. The firm really put itself on the map in 1989 with the massive takeover of RJR Nabisco.

Wall Street will have its eyes on earnings and economic reports this week amid some optimism businesses may be weathering the downturn. Investors will get the latest results from dozens more companies. For the most part, results have been surprisingly upbeat lately. Traders will also get their first look at economic growth for the second quarter and the July jobs report. Last week the Dow fell 125 points. The Nasdaq rallied to close up 27 points.

Toyota is lowering its sales outlook for this year and cutting production.  Toyota is scaling back its plans mainly because of sluggish North American sales. Even with the cuts, Toyota will still sell more vehicles than it did last year.

Best buy is opening up dozens of music centers in its stores around the country. As many as 85 stores will be selling guitars, drums and other instruments and accessories by the end of the year. The new initiative will make Best Buy the second biggest instrument seller in the country.

It was another blowout weekend at the Box Office for Batman. "The Dark Knight" took in another $75 million becoming the fastest movie ever to top the $300 million mark. It took just 10 days compared to 16 for the second "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie. The comedy "Step Brothers" opened in second, "Mamma Mia" finished third.

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