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Robert Byrd, the man accused of kidnapping an 8 year-old girl in Independence Co. is also being investigated by the Gray County Sheriff's Department in Texas for kidnapping and rape allegations. Read More...

Post Traumatic Stress to Blame
Attorney's for Gordan Gwathney say Post Traumatic stress and flashbacks to the war caused problems for Gwathney. But Prosecution wants to know why the disorder that caused him to snap was dormant for 15 years.
Gwathney took to the stand on Monday in his own defense to tell prosecutors that he had no reason to kill anyone and he loved his family.
Gwathney is accused of killing his mother-in-law and her parents back in February of 2007 and attempted to kill his brother-in-law and a Sheriff's Deputy.
His trial continues today in Lee County.
Former Newport Alderman to Remain at Home Not Prison 

Pinkey McFarlin will be serving his sentence on a federal drug conviction at home, because of health problems.

The 8th U.S. Circuit court of appeals in St. Louis said McFarlin could serve his 3-year probation sentence in home detention.

Judges said McFarlin has undergone multiple heart surgeries, a graft bypass surgery and suffers asthma and several other illnesses

Mcfarlin originally was to serve his sentence at a halfway house after taking a plea agreement in 2007.

That plea ended a trial where he faced 25 counts of drug trafficking and a charge of witness tampering.

Money Scope Report

Gas prices are back below a national average of $4 a gallon for the first time in almost 2 months. The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline tumbled almost 11 cents last week... To $3.96. One big reason for the drop is that we're driving less.  In May alone, we drove nearly 10 billions miles less than May of last year.  And some experts think we'll keep our cars parked even if gas prices plunge.  Many americans are opting for mass transportation instead. 88-million more mass transit trips were taken in the first three months of this year than last year.

General Motors is providing more details of its plan to cut truck and -s-u-v

production. GM is eliminating one shift at a truck plant in Louisiana and one shift at an SUV plant in Ohio. That will cut output by about 117- thousand vehicles and affect more than 1700 workers.

Stocks are lower overseas this morning after the Dow tumbled back into bear market territory Monday. The Dow plunged nearly 240 points, the Nasdaq was down 46 points. Renewed concern about huge losses at banks weighed on stocks.  The world's biggest brokerage is taking a bold step in an effort to emerge from the credit crisis. Merrill Lynch is purging itself of most of its bad mortgage holdings selling them at a steep loss. The firm has had more than 45 billion dollars in write downs since the credit crisis began last summer. For More on these stories click here.

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In the Fox Hole
Jim Frigo returned today with stories of his adventures of White Water Rafting! The Ocoee River battled Frigo but in the end, our Fox Renegade won! For more on Rafting the Ocoee River Click Here!