Kennett Rises From the Waters

KENNETT (KAIT) One of the first things you need to know about Kennett is that it probably should have been in Arkansas.

A man by the name of John Hardiman Walker lobbied to have the bootheel carved out of Arkansas and incorporated into Missouri.

The area was already a Mecca for Native Americans and fur trappers due to the swamps and rivers that ran through the area.

In the beginning of the town, lumber was a huge industry, the clearing of the fields enabled the cotton farming to grow but the continuous problem with flooding led to one of the greatest engineering feats in America.

In the 1900's a drainage project was started that took nearly 20 years and cost 11 million dollars. The creation of the  Little River Drainage ditches, 5 huge canals that run through the bootheel employed thousands and opened the land for farming.

Being a  high spot, Kennett became the county seat and the commerce center for the county growing into an agriculture center with cotton growing right up to the city limits.

Kennett, Missouri a town that should have been in Arkansas is a shining example of what makes Missouri great.