ADEM Reacts to California Quake

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The Arkansas Dept. of Emergency Management this afternoon released the following statement in response to yesterday's earthquake in southern California.

"The earthquake that shook and frightened California is once again a reminder that Arkansas experiences earthquakes too.  The Ark. Dept. of Emergency Management reminds citizens that earthquakes strike without warning; unlike tornadoes and floods.  In 2008, Arkansas has been subject to ten earthquakes ranging in magnitude from 1.3 to 2.7 (Jan. 14 to July 5).  These tremors, most of which go unnoticed, occur in an area known as the New Madrid seismic zone.  The 120-mile-long system is made up of three to five faults stretching from 40 miles northwest of Memphis to southern Illinois, near Cairo.  The fault also extends down to Marked Tree, Arkansas.  It crosses five state lines and cuts across the Mississippi River in three places and the Ohio River in two places."

"Preparation is the key to minimizing earthquake deaths, injuries, property damage and economic loss."