Fatal A.M. Fire In McDougal

MCDOUGAL (KAIT) The sheriffs' boundary tape flutters in the breeze and smoke curls from the remnants of this house trailer in McDougal. Firefighters in McDougal, which is between Piggott and Corning, were dispatched to the fire around 8:24 Wednesday morning

Chief Steve Baker, Pollard Fire Dept. "We was beeped out around 8:30 to a fire on Dale street at McDougal. A structure fire."

Fire fighters from both McDougal and Pollard responded to the blaze at 205 N. Dale.

Baker, "We got here seven to ten minutes later and found the trailer engulfed in flames."

The trailer had a single occupant an elderly long time resident of the town.

Baker, "There was a victim in the fire. Burnt up in the fire, couldn't get out. The coroner came by, we helped him do what he had to do. Then we finished up our job. "

When the fire department arrived they found the elderly victim lying  about where the back door would be but they said there was nothing they could do to revive him.

Baker, "He'd tried to make his escape out the back door but he just didn't make it."

McDougal and Pollard have an agreement that they respond to each others calls. This allows for firefighters to have relief and a larger pool to have on hand.

Baker, "I'm gonna say we had between 20 to 25 firefighters."

Chief Baker says the area does have occasional fires but having a person killed in one is unusual.

"Rare, very rare. I've been on the fire department about 12, 15 years and this is only the second time we've had a victim. "

The name of the victim has not been released at this time pending notification of kin. Nor has the cause yet been determined.

Although fire officials believe the fire started in the front of the trailer the exact cause has not been determined pending the assessment by the state fire marshal.