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Thursday, July 31 - More From GMR8

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"Shake and Bake" New Meth Making Method in Region 8

Officials with the Poinsett County Sheriff's Department say a new way to make meth is become a problem in Region 8, and its believed to have migrated from Mississippi.

Poinsett County authorities say the meth is made by people mixing the ingredients together inside a bottle, then shaking it and letting it do all the work.

Police say this form is especially dangerous, more volatile, and harder to detect.

A public forum on Drugs in the Community will be held tonight at the Huntington Building at 6 p.m.

Gwathney Sentenced to Life in Prison

After being found guilty Wednesday, Gordan Randall Gwathney has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of three relatives in early 2007.

The jury in Lee Count deliberated for more than five hours Wednesday before convicting Gwathney on three counts of capital murder. He was also convicted on one count of attempted capital murder and one count of attempted first-degree murder.

The 47-year-old was convicted of killing his mother-in-law, Sylvia Reeves, her parents J.O. Mitchell and Evelyn Mitchell. He was also accused of trying to kill his brother-in-law and a former St. Francis County sheriff's deputy.

Gwathney's defense lawyer says his client suffers from a mental illness.

We'll have more on this story coming up on Region 8 News Midday, which can be viewed live on or on KAIT at 11:00 a.m.

(KAIT sister station WMC-TV contributed to this report.)

Police Impersonator Faces Rape Charges

 Jonesboro police file new charges against Shannon Chamlies, saying he impersonated a police officer, and raped a woman after using a fake badge to force her into a sex act.

Police say he told a woman that he had Xanex pills and he would take her to jail for those unless she performed the act.

Chamlies was arrested last week in Lawrence County on the original charges of  ID theft and grand larceny.

If you've had contact with Chamlies, contact JPD at 935-STOP (7867).

Health Watch

Blow drying is the number one cause of damage to your hair according to dermatologist Tiffany Hamilton.  She warns patients like Katie Cark to give their locks a break.

"If you really want long beautiful hair then you're going to have to process much less than you do now, in terms of coloring, the flat iron, blow drying."

Katie was forced to cut her long hair after coloring and straightening it left it broken and thin.   Hamilton says it will grow back and recommends some tips.

"You will get longer hair eventually if you keep it trimmed regularly because if you allow the split ends to stay its going to keep splitting up the hair shaft and break off."

Hamilton tells patients to wash their hair every other day and condition only the ends.

"Over conditioning tends to leave the hair really lifeless and that leads to over styling." 

Expensive shampoos and conditioners aren't necessarily better for your hair. Hamilton suggests reading the label for ingredients like keratin and other proteins that can help repair the hair shaft.  

Money Scope Report

Oil prices are holding steady this morning a day after shooting up the most in more than a month. Oil rose more than $4 Wednesday to nearly $127 a barrel after a government report showed gasoline supplies unexpectedly fell last week.

The cuts keep going deeper at General Motors. The automaker is planning to cut 15% of its salaried workers in the U.S. and Canada by November, about 5,100 workers in all. The move is part of GM's plan to save billions of dollars in costs as the industry suffers through its worst year in more than a decade.

"They are doing what they need to do quite honestly. If I was running the corporation, I'd be doing the same thing. They have to do what they have to do to stay viable."

GM's american sales fell 16 percent in the first half of this year. That's blamed on the slumping economy and high gas prices.

United Airlines has filed a lawsuit against its Pilot's Union accusing them of encouraging pilots to call in sick and refuse to work extra hours. United said it was forced to cancel over 300 flights between July 19th and 27th, costing it nearly $4 million in profit. The Pilot's Union said United's press release contained "inaccurate and alarmingly misleading information."

Google is working on plans to start a venture capital unit so it can invest in start-up businesses. The Wall Street Journal reports Google is still working out the details, but has hundreds of millions of dollars to invest. Google wouldn't be the first tech giant to start an investment division. Companies including Intel and Amazon have funded a number of start-ups.

Tech bytes

A device that brings the best of both worlds to Net-Flix subscribers... LG electronics has unveiled this new device that plays high definition blu-ray DVDs and streams video over the internet.  The box is one of several devices that allows Net-Flix to stream movies instead of sending them in those little red envelopes. LG says the player will go on sale in September for "well under $500."

Dell appears to be ready to take another run at Apple. Executives at Dell tell the Wall Street Journal the company is testing a digital music player that could go on sale as early as September. The device would connect to online music services through a wi-fi internet connection, and probably cost less than $100. Dell has already failed once in an attempt to take on the i-pod.

Robots seem to get more life-like all the time. The latest entry into that field is the heart robot. It expresses emotions and responds to people.  The robot blinks, grabs moving objects and even has a beating heart. And its  creator thinks we're just scratching the surface. These types of robots may eventually be used for medical treatment or just as toys.

"Research is looking into different ways of making machines easier to use and they've found that if they give machines the ability to express emotions and be able to read our emotions, then we can relate to them in the same way that we relate to one another."

Finally, from the department of the obvious. A group of Emergency Room doctors says text messaging can be dangerous if you do it while walking, riding a bike or pretty much anything else. The doctors issued an alert this week after seeing a sharp rise in texting-related injuries. One doctor who's treated these injuries said it best,"common sense isn't always common ."

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  • Flooding reported in Thayer area

    Flooding reported in Thayer area

    Wednesday, July 18 2018 10:51 PM EDT2018-07-19 02:51:11 GMT
    Wednesday, July 18 2018 11:32 PM EDT2018-07-19 03:32:29 GMT
    (Source: Officer Bryant with Thayer PD)(Source: Officer Bryant with Thayer PD)

    Heavy rains on Wednesday have caused problems in a park in southeast Missouri, officials said Wednesday night. 

    Heavy rains on Wednesday have caused problems in a park in southeast Missouri, officials said Wednesday night. 

  • Batesville School District to arm staff members

    Batesville School District to arm staff members

    Wednesday, July 18 2018 10:11 PM EDT2018-07-19 02:11:14 GMT
    Wednesday, July 18 2018 11:19 PM EDT2018-07-19 03:19:02 GMT
    (Source: KARK)(Source: KARK)

    In an effort to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff, the Batesville School District will allow staff members to carry guns during the upcoming school year.

    In an effort to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff, the Batesville School District will allow staff members to carry guns during the upcoming school year.

  • JPD investigates allegations against the Salvation Army

    JPD investigates allegations against the Salvation Army

    Wednesday, July 18 2018 11:10 PM EDT2018-07-19 03:10:58 GMT
    Source: KAITSource: KAIT

    Jonesboro police are investigating the Salvation Army after allegations of misappropriation of funds by an employee.

    Jonesboro police are investigating the Salvation Army after allegations of misappropriation of funds by an employee.

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