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Calling for community action Attorney Skip Mooney hosted a meeting Thursday night at the Huntington building with nearly 200 in attendence. Read More...

When you are pulled over, how do you know if the police officer is real or fake? Read More...
A Conway-area man died from electrocution while he was using jumper cables to hook up power to his house after his electricity was shut off.
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Health Watch

What if you could get the benefits of working out without working up a sweat?

California scientists have been studying how to chemically mimic exercise with a pill and they're reporting some success in mice.

Among other things, researchers say they found sedentary mice that took the drug for four weeks burned more calories and had less fat than untreated mice.

Not clear how this would translate to humans, and experts warn this is not a substitute for getting off the couch.

They do say, however, if the pill works on humans, it could help treat muscle diseases, metabolic disorders, as well as diabetes and obesity.

And a study in this week's edition of Lancet suggests the flu vaccine may not protect the elderly as well as originally thought. The study by Group Health looked at pneumonia, a serious complication of the flu. The study included more than 35-hundred patients over the age of 65, and researchers say they found no link between flu vaccinations and the risk of developing pneumonia.

Still, researchers say the flu shot is safe and seniors should still get one, even if it probably only lowers the risk of pneumonia only slightly.

For more information on the flu and what you can do to prevent it Click Here...

Mr. Food brings the tastes of the Coffee Shop to our kitchens! Read More...
Consumer Complaints

With a weakened economy, it's especially important to get your money's worth when you purchase something and not get scammed out of your hard earned dollars.  A new survey from three consumer watch dog groups show the top ten complaints from consumers across the country.

From car sales to home improvement projects, some consumers across the country say they're getting a raw deal.

"Some of the scams, I think could be cracked down on a little bit better."

From false advertising, and shoddy construction work, to predatory lending and mortgage fraud, many folks just want an honest deal.

"I shop a lot on the internet. They do these scams, where like, say you order a hundred dollars' worth of goods, and you'll get shipping for free, and I think that sometimes people don't realize that in the end, you're just getting ripped off."

The Consumer Federation of America released a new survey showing the top ten consumer complaint categories for 2007. Topping the list, misrepresentations in car sales, home improvement projects, credit card and debt collection, among other things. Experts say reporting scams to consumer protection agencies could help resolve matters.

"The state and local consumer agencies that we surveyed certainly have been able to shut businesses down and also to get them to change their ways but there is more that needs to be done. Obviously, consumer education is really important so that people can learn how to avoid being ripped off."

Here's how experts say you can protect yourself:

*Check the track record of a company

*Hire licensed professionals

*Pay the safest way, with a credit card not cash

*Don't pay in full upfront, just the deposit for home improvement projects.

The Consumer Federation of America says while disputing a claim may take some time, the majority of them are resolved to the consumer's satisfaction.

This morning Jeanne Moss had a Most Unusual story about a mysterious creature found washed up on the beach. What do you think it is?