Extend the life and performance of your transmission

Why do I have to change my transmission fluid?
Answer: Like the oil in your vehicle's engine, under normal driving conditions, heat and oxidation causes deterioration of the fluid, while abrasives and contaminants in your transmission increase. Over time, your transmission becomes more vulnerable to costly breakdown, and loses its peak operating performance qualities. Under extraordinary driving conditions, the deterioration accelerates. Some of these conditions can include:
• Towing or operating under load
• Hot climates
• Stop-and-go city driving
• Winter or hard driving
• AWD or 4WD usage
• Hills or mountainous terrain
To fight deterioration, your vehicle manufacturer recommends changing the fluid in your transmission at regular intervals. These intervals vary from vehicle to vehicle, and as driving conditions warrant, but most leading automotive manufacturers recommend changing the fluid every 15,000 to 50,000 miles (see your owner's manual and warranty documentation for maintenance specifications for your particular vehicle.

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