Skeletal Remains Found, Believed to be Civil War Era Bones

THAYER, MO (KAIT) -- Police in Thayer, Missouri started the week working an unusual scene at the edge of the river.  Skeletal remains found over the weekend have led to an investigation.  The bones found are believed to be about one hundred and fifty years old.

The bones were spotted by people passing by along the Warm Fork River in a canoe.  Recent flooding has caused the bluff to erode away exposing the final resting place of this unknown person.

Ironically, Thayer Police Chief David Bailey started the job on Monday, the same day the investigation into these bones began.

"Initially when we saw the skull we thought it looked old.  We thought it was probably an Indian burial site or something like that," said Bailey.

But the discovery of this musket ball with the bones has changed that theory.

"After we removed the initial skeleton we saw another bone or two and we started trying to dig down to it. We didn't get very far before we started finding bits and pieces of bone," said Bailey.

Bailey said that's when they stopped digging and are waiting for an archeological team to complete the work.

"You'd like to think you came across a Civil War site of some type and it very well could be with the musket ball and everything, but it also could be an old family cemetery that's been pushed away by farm land over time," said Bailey.

Whatever the truth behind these bones ends up being, they already mean a lot to those who uncovered them.

"There's a lot of historical value here that the schools and the public can use and possibly learn about," said Bailey.

The Thayer Police Department is not disclosing the location of the burial site to protect the remains that have not been removed yet.

An archeological team is expected on site early next week.