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Independence Co. - Body Found in Hay Field

 18 year old Male Drowns in Lake Norfork

Police are investigating the death of an 18-year old Mountain Home man, after he apparently drowned in Lake Norfork.

Officials say Jeremy McCulley jumped from the Pigeon Creek bridge and wanted to swim to a nearby boat launch, and that's when he went missing.

A dive team found the teen's body about 50 yards from where he jumped into the water.

The sheriff says the body will undergo an autopsy, but foul play is not suspected.

Heat too Extreme for Chicken Houses

The intense heat in Arkansas is taking its toll on the flocks of poultry farmers, costing them hundreds of birds a day.

Eddie Beard of Lincoln County says he lost 100 chickens alone from one chicken house, and 350 to 400 birds altogether from 8 houses.

Beard is running fans from morning til night in the houses, using twice as much power as he normally does.

New Animal Cruelty Laws Considered

Animal cruelty may be considered a felony crime next year if a new law passes.

Currently, animal cruelty is only a misdemeanor.  Although two bills to make animal cruelty a felony failed in 2007, Governor Beebe says support is growing for a tougher law for Arkansas in 2009.

Proposed State Lottery Could Hurt Economy

It seems as if Arkansas won't be the only state affected if we approve a lottery measure on the ballot in November.

It may mean millions of dollars in losses for our neighboring states.

Retailers in Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas ring up some of their state's best sales for lotteries.

It's reported that their estimated revenue loss would be anywhere between 10 to 30 million dollars.

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Health Watch

The risk of developing heart disease increases with age. So, doctors recommend women get an early start in protecting your heart.

"If you're going to ward off heart disease in your 30's and 40's, you've got to start when you're in your 20's and start thinking about the things that you can do. "

Cardiologist Bernadine Healy, former Director of the National Institutes of Health, has some basic tips to get started. "No smoking! I mean that should not even be a consideration, even though 20 to 25 percent of women are smoking. Number two, exercise. Although you can say, 'I don't have time for it,' it is something that's just got to get into your day. The third thing is having a healthy diet. It's so simple. Don't have to be Wolfgang Puck. You don't have to get special books to do it. Just a simple formula. Six to seven fruits and vegetables a day."

Healy says when it comes to helping your heart, it's never too early to get started, even kids.

All eyes on Wall Street will be focused on Washington this week. The Federal Reserve meets tomorrow to set interest rates. Policy makers are widely expected to hold rates steady at 2% as they fight the dueling problems of a slumping economy and rising prices.

Oil prices are up more than a dollar this morning, as tropical storm Edouard bears down on the Gulf Coast. The storm is already packing winds of up to 50 miles an hour and is expected to strengthen before making landfall tomorrow. Many of the Gulf's offshore oil and natural gas drilling platforms sit in the storm's path and companies may have to evacuate workers.

Verizon Communications expects "business as usual" today as it negotiates with labor unions representing 65,000 workers.  The two sides averted a strike by agreeing to freeze contracts that were set to expire on Sunday. Major bargaining issues include health care coverage, wages and expanding the union's reach. There was no deadline set for reaching a deal.

High food prices are squeezing profits at Mcdonald's and that has the burger chain testing some changes to its popular $1 Double Cheeseburger. A top executive tells the Wall Street Journal the company is trying to make the burger less expensive to make. Some stores are selling it with one slice of cheese, instead of two. Others have simply raised the price.

There's no stopping Batman at the box office. "The Dark Knight" held on to the top spot for the third straight weekend. It hauled in nearly $44 million bringing its 17 day total just $5 million shy of $400 million. "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" fell just short of Batman.  "Step Brothers" finished in third.

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Microsoft may be preparing to cut the price on the X-Box 360 again. Microsoft dropped the price on the video game console by $50 last month to $299. Now there are reports the low-end X-Box 360 will be slashed to $199 next month. That could help the X-Box mount a challenge against the best-selling Nintendo wii.

JD Power and Associates is out with its list of best digital cameras for 2008. The report separates the cameras into several categories and evaluates them based on picture quality, performance, operation and appearance. Among high-end cameras, there was a tie for best digital SLR.

The Canon EOS and Nikon D series got the same score although the Canon ranks higher on picture quality. The Fujifilm Finepix S series took the top score among point and shoot cameras. And there was another tie for premium point and shoots between the Canon Power-Shot G series and the Panasonic Lumix series.

The doggie door has gone high-tech. A company called Plexidor has created a door that opens when your pet approaches it. It works sort of like a garage door, you clip a special tag to your dog's collar and when your dog is near, the door slides open. The door ranges in price from $130 - $800 depending on size and model.

Finally, we've all heard of the theory of six degrees of separation or for some six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Well some researchers at Microsoft wanted to put it to the test to see if it's actually true. They analyzed over 30 billion instant messages over a one month period sent by 180 million people from around the world.

So what did they discover? It takes an average of just 6-point-6 steps to connect any two people. So you could be linked to Kevin Bacon or anyone else by seven or fewer acquaintances.

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In The FoxHole!

Jim Frigo is back from Denver, CO. to talk about Bret Favre heading back for another year of football with the Packers. Talks resume today, but what will be said and where will Favre play on the team?

Trey showed us how the Senior U.S. Open was all but quite this weekend as a bear hit the greens with the golfers. Side Note: Everyone is ok.

Mr. Food

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