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Newport, AR--Bob Snell Reports

Offbeat: EQWEST Program

August 4, 2008--Posted at 8:30 a.m.  CDT

NEWPORT, AR--Brighter Futures, a community behavioural health company ni Newport is offereing free opportunities for anyone looking to saddle up.  It's an equestrian program called Eqwest and it began back in May.

"Eqwest provides an outlet for youth and adults and gives them an opportunity to come and bond with horses,"  said Rickey Everett.   "Also helps build self esteem and caring for animals.))

Along with Everett, Jared Tucker and others from Brighter Futures have been saddling up the kids every other Thursday throughout the summer.

"It's priceles to see their face the first time they're on a horse," said Tucker.  "Some parents are not available to have the funds to do this and it's just enjoyable to see the kids smile and have fun."

The Eqwest program is free to anyone who would like to participate and the final ride is scheduled for thursday, August 7, at 10 a.m.

"It gets kids off the roads and off the streets, so their not doing anything they're not supposed to be doing," said Tucker. " I think it's well worth our time to get the kids off the street for a few hours every week."



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