StarTek Answers First Calls

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- The parking lot is full and the phones are ringing as StarTek took its first call Monday afternoon.

StarTek primarily handles customer service for a fortune 100 telecom client.

"...For people like you and I who are using their cell phones, and calling in with problems on their cell phone," said StarTek Recruiting Manager, Lacey Williams.

The employment landscape of Jonesboro added another element as this is a relatively new type of industry for Region 8.

StarTek officials say they are happy to call Jonesboro home.

250 jobs have already been filled, and more openings are expected before November.

Williams says StarTek offers opportunities for anybody looking for a job--including college students, even new moms.

".....Like stay at home moms who are ready to get back into the workforce, we can offer them a nice, comfortable work setting," said Williams.

Williams says as a customer service agent, for example,you start off at 8 dollars an hour with pay increases within the first year.

Williams says what's even more appealing is the chance for advancement within the company.

"Just about everyone that we hire starts at this agent level, but within weeks is promoted to something else as long as they are meeting the requirements and goals that we have.  It's a great advancement opportunity," said Williams.

If you are interested in a job at StartTek, you can find more employment info at