Rector City Council Drops Annexation Plans

RECTOR(KAIT)  The City Council of Rector has dropped it's proposed plan to annex 50 houses that are currently outside the city limits.

Monday's night decision came after a packed council meeting filled with homeowners who simply "Wanted to be Left Alone."

The plan was to bring these homes in following a study that lined out new boundries which only included houses and 20 feet surrounding the homes.

Many of the homes already have city services and Mayor Ron Kemp said it seemed logical that these houses be brought into the community.

However the reaction in the proposed areas was quite vocal and angry at times to the point where people had threatened to sell their homes and move out of the area.

The move cumulated Monday night as the council backed down saying the benefit to the town  was not worth the cost of feelings with the property owners.

Had the move pressed on it probably would have come to a ballot issue in November.