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Police took Demetricus Hampton into custody after police say he went down to the Jonesboro Police Department on Tuesday morning and confessed to his wife's murder.

UAMS has received a $2.5 million grant to provide Colorectal Cancer screenings and education in St. Francis and Mississippi counties.

Arrests Made in Weekend Burglaries

Jonesboro Police have two people in custody for allegedly breaking into a couple of homes this weekend.

Michelle Moore and Raymond Willson face charges of aggravated residential burglary.

Investigators say Moore confessed to the crimes and then implicated Willson.

According to investigators, Willson and Moore may be connected to two other home invasions.

Suspected Arson in Randolph County

Randolph county authorities are still investigating a string of fires they believe were started intentionally.

Over of couple of days, firefighters resonded to several vacant houses on fire in the county, all within just a few miles of each other.

The fires are all believed to be connected.

Scott Baltz, with the Pocahontas Fire Department says "we do have some leads, some samples

Have been taken and we do have some evidence found at the different scenes."

In pocahontas, officials say they arrested two people for arson, and they expect to solve this one in the coming weeks.

Residents are asked to be on the lookout and to report any information regarding these fires to the Randolph County Sheriff's Department at (870) 892-8888.

Money Scope Report

Oil prices are falling again this morning and many experts think they'll keep dropping after prices closed below $120 a barrel for the first time in 3 months. A big reason oil is down about $27 in a month, we're simply using less of it. High prices mean people are driving less and airlines are cutting flights. And $100 a barrel may be in our future.

The good news about oil is boosting stocks overseas this morning after lifting Wall Street. The DOW surged 331 points. The Nasdaq was up 64. Stocks are also getting a boost from the Federal Reserve. The Fed held interest rates steady at 2% and offered some hints it might keep them there for a while. Policy makers seem more concerned with jump-starting the economy than fighting inflation and that likely means lower rates.

The government is expected to begin notifying millions of victims today after breaking up what's being called the biggest computer hacking ring they've ever seen. It targeted customers of eight major stores incuding TJ Maxx, Barnes and Noble and Boston Market. Eleven people have been indicted accused of stealing more than 41-million credit and debit card numbers. Some of the cards were duplicated, sold and used to withdraw money from ATMs.

Business travelers will soon have one less headache to deal with at the airport. They'll be able to pass through security without taking their laptops out of their bags provided they have special x-ray friendly cases.  The new rules take effect August 16th. The bags go on sale this month.

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Tech Bytes

In-flight Wi-Fi is about to take off on Delta. The airline says it will offer wireless internet access on all of its domestic flights by the middle of next year. Delta's the first major carrier to announce such a widespread rollout of Wi-Fi service. Access will cost $9.95 for flights of 3 hours or less, and $12.95 for longer flights. Delta says it's considering wireless options for its international fleet and regionalpartners.

Epson has introduced two new photo viewers for serious photographers. These devices let you back up, store and view your images and video without a computer. The 4-inch LCD screen lets you zoom in on your pictures and view them in full color. The "P-6000" had 80 gigs of storage and costs about $600. The "P7000" has twice as much memory and sells for $800.

Yahoo is gearing up for the Olympics. The internet portal is adding a number of shortcuts to give users quick access to the latest Olympic news. The shortcuts provide information on medal counts, the countries participating and individual athletes. Google is also planning to launch a similar feature for its search results.

Finally, if you've ever seen the Tom Cruise movie "Minority Report", you were probably amazed by the computer he used by just moving his hands like a conductor. Well, technology like that actually exists. A company called Obscura Digital has developed the "Vision Air". The system senses where your hands are and allows and you to interact by motion.

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