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Sharp County, AR

Church Burglaries In Sharp County Keeping Police Busy

SHARP COUNTY, AR (KAIT) -- "If someone wants in, they're going to get in. I think we are vulnerable and I'm surprised we haven't had more trouble before this point," said Pastor Tim Turner.

Highland First Assembly of God  is the most recent victim of a burglary motivated it seems by cold hard cash.

Tim Turner is the Pastor of Highland First Assembly of God.

"Some change and bills--less than 200 dollars. Small but significant amount," said Turner.

The most recent victim of a string of church burglaries in Sharp County, Highland First Assembly of God was hit earlier this week.

Police say of the four churches reporting burglaries in the past couple of weeks, 2 in Highland and another 2 in Cherokee Village, things like computers and musical equipment seem to be overlooked.

Police say the focus was finding cash.

Pastor Turner fears location may make for an easy target.

"Some of our churches are on large pieces of property in fairly isolated areas where the rear of the building can't be seen from the highway," said Turner.

"We're urging the churches, as businesses, to keep their doors locked and everything locked up," said Highland Police Officer, Kyle Crawford.

Crawford said the person or person's responsible gained access to the churches by either unlocked doors, or doors they forced open.

In addition to the churches, a radio station in Highland was hit too.

Police believe all of the robberies are connected.

"We're going to step the patrols up a little bit, which we always try to keep an eye out the best we can," said Crawford.

As for pastor Tim Turner, he and his congregation are still counting their blessings.

"We're just thankful it wasn't worse," said Turner.


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