Highway 226 Bridges Up For Grabs

CASH, AR (KAIT) - For years two bridges have stood on Highway 226 with an architectural design that makes them one of a kind.

"The Bayou DeView Bridge is a Parker Pony Truss, which I think there are around 16 left in the state. The Cache River Bridge is actually a Camelback Pony Truss, and it's the only one left, of it's type, in the state," said AHTD's Historical Bridge Coordinator Robert Scoggin.

However, as the state prepares to widen Highway 226 to four-lanes in the upcoming years, the old truss bridges must find a new home.  Both of the bridges are more than a half a century old, and their construction puts them on the National Historic Register, the main reason why the state has to give them away instead of tearing them down.

But the price of the two bridges is considerably cheaper than you might think.  In fact, they are free!  However, you probably won't find much traffic on them once they are moved.

"What we require is that they be used as pedestrian traffic. We've done one bridge, which was put back in place for vehicular traffic, but it was only a one way exit so traffic would be limited coming in and out of a park," said Scoggin.

Meanwhile, the state could pitch in as much as 100-thousand dollars to aid in the removal and reassembly of the structures.  And as the time passes and the days of old become those of new, it is hoped that the bridges will find their place in history, yet again.

"The steel costs to produce one now would be very high. So, they're an old style of construction that utilized a cheap material at the time," said Scoggin.

A material that simply doesn't work with our modern economy.

We are told that a group from the City of Jonesboro, as well as a Girl Scouts group have expressed interest in the two bridges.

However, at this time, no final decisions have been made.

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