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Jonesboro, AR -- Lauren Payne Reports

Jonesboro Parks and Rec Officials Asking For Community Feedback on Waterpark

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) --  Water parks are a big splash with adults and kids alike-- especially during the hot days of summer.

Before Jonesboro city leaders dive into building one, they want to "test the waters" first.

Jonesboro Parks and Rec officials are asking residents in the city for feedback on features they'd like to see in a waterpark if one were built.

"We want Jonesboro to be involved in the design process so that they can be excited about what we build. We really want to hear from the community," said Jason Wilkie.

Jason Wilkie is the Director of Parks and Rec in Jonesboro.

Rough design concepts were presented to the crowd Thursday night at a town hall meeting.

It's at this point Wilkie says feedback from residents is critical so Parks and Rec officials will know what features a waterpark or aquatic center needs to have so that all ages can use and enjoy it.

"Overall, I have people coming to me and saying we are really excited about having a waterpark, and saying we need something like that in Jonesboro," said Wilkie.

The concepts presented are not final.

It was essentially to gauge if the designer is moving in the right direction for the waterpark concept.

As far as how the waterpark could be paid for,  Willkie says it simply depends on how much it costs to fund the project.

Wilkie says if it's a smaller amount it could come from within the city, if it's a larger amount things like grants, bonds and private donations could be used.

"We have to know what the public wants to do before we can put a price tag to it, or a location to it," said Wilkie.

There will be another town hall meeting in September.

To get another look at the design concepts, you can go to the city's website at to see more. 

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