Get in Shape! The XTERRA Iron Will Triathlon in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - You don't have to be the best athlete in the world to run a triathlon...but it helps!

That's because average people like me and many of you at home reading this aren't cut out to go a half-mile swim, a 13.6 mile bike run and a 3 mile jog. Did I mention consecutively?

But Sunday morning at Craighead Forest Park, a number of bold athletes lined up to compete (or practice) in the XTERRA Iron Will Triathlon.

The winner was John Close of Alabama. Training, as he explained, was essential. "You have to do all three sports; practice all three sports individually. You have to do sports back to back, like a bike-run or a swim-bike. Then you have to race a lot. There's nothing to substitute race pace."

But lets be realistic. Our winner and others involved don't expect everyone in Region 8 to be doing a triathlon every weekend. While it's great for those who can and choose to be involved with it, a message of simple fitness is what applies to most.

Jonesboro Parks Director Jason Wilkie agrees, and says that part of his mission is to bring attention to health and wellness in Jonesboro.  Jason, like others, thinks that events like this help to do just that.

So for those of you daring enough to want to try the triathlon, we have a little help in a Web exclusive.

Under the links box, you'll find three useful links. One tells you more about Sunday's event.  The second lets you track the XTERRA races and see who is winning and who is losing and the third contains a detailed list of tips you can use to put yourself into triathlon shape.

If any of you decide to give it a go, then e-mail me and tell me about it!