Tuesday, August 12 - More From Good Morning Region 8

Here are your Local Headlines and More from Tuesday's Good Morning Region 8!

Semi Crashes into Restaurant

A semi-truck loaded with old cars flipped over and slid into the Landing Bar and Grill in Red Onion near the Missouri - Arkansas state line.

The owners of the building, Eric and Carla Bupp, say the damage is extensive.

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Man Charged with Kidnapping and Sexual Assault in Court

Robert Byrd will head to court to answer his charges related to the sexual assault of an eight year-old girl.  Byrd, who goes to court at 9:30 this morning, is being held on a million dollar bond at the Independence County Jail.

Investigators say he abducted the girl from the Pfeiffer community and sexually assaulted her, but Byrd denies those accusations.

We'll track this story and bring you the latest developments tonight on Region 8 News at 5,6, and 10.

Smoking Tax May Increase

Arkansas Legislators are expected to consider raising the cigarette tax by 50-cents a pack. Money from the increase would go toward funding a statewide trauma system.  Right now the only level one trauma center near Region 8 is the Med in Memphis.  It charges the state several million dollars a year to treat patients from Arkansas.

School Lunch Prices on the Rise

School starts tomorrow for many Missouri schools, and parents can expect some changes in their child's school lunch.

A Nutrition Expert at Washington University says rising gas prices, combined with poor crop yields, will likely drive up lunch prices.

She also says schools may need to reduce portions to cut costs.

Money Scope Report

Oil is at a three month low overseas this morning. Prices dropped below $114 a barrel, helped by a report showing demand in China slipped last month. Falling oil is easing the pain at the pump. Gas is now averaging $3.81 a gallon, down 7 cents from a week ago. But that's still nearly 40% higer than this time last year.

Getting a loan from the bank is getting increasingly difficult. A new study by the Federal Reserve finds more banks are tightening lending standards for all types of loans. About 75% of banks surveyed say they have tightened standards for prime mortgages, up from about 60% in April.  And about 65% are making it harder to get credit cards more than twice as many as 3 months ago.

Delta and Northwest are one step closer to becoming -One- airline. Pilots for both carriers have agreed to a joint contract agreement. The deal is considered a key component in bringing the two airlines together. If the justice department approves the merger it would create the world's largest airline, with about 80,000 employees.

The pilots at United Airlines are pressuring the company's chief executive to resign. The pilots union blames CEO Glenn Tilton for the carrier's poor customer service, employee morale and financial performance. The pilots are angry they have not gotten raises since United emerged from bankruptcy in 2006.

If you've ever wanted to learn a thing or two from the world's richest man, you'll soon have your chance. The first authorized biography of Warren Buffett hits store September 29th. The author spent thousands of hours with Buffett, talking about his life and career. Advice from the billionaire will only cost $35.

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Tech Bytes

A new high powered laptop for professionals. Lenovo is unveiling this new think pad mobile workstation today. The computer has a 17 inch display, high- powered performance and built-in wi-fi connectivity. The laptop also has some features for people serious about graphics, such as professional photographers. The laptop will be available next month with models starting at about $3,000.

Google says its popular e-mail service, g-mail, is back up and running after a brief outage Monday.  The company said the problem was caused by an issue with its contacts system that has now been fixed. There still may be minor delays in deliveries, but Google says all mail is safe. About 20 million people visit g-mail every day.

Here's a question many parents might be asking themselves as they begin their back to school shopping: Should I buy my child a cell phone? A growing number of parents are saying yes. A new survey finds that 54% of kids 8 to 12 years old will have a cell phone in the next 3 years. Many parents find giving their kids a phone brings them peace of mind. But there are still questions about how safe it is for young children to be exposed to them.

Finally, a gadget for those who prefer a gentle shake, to the shrill sound of a buzzing alarm clock in the morning. This vibrating alarm clock goes under your pillow and, just like the name says, vibrates to wake you up.  During the day, you just drop it in its charger and it serves as a clock.  The vibrating alarm clock by Karlsson is available online for about $50.

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