Concrete Creations Inspire Red Wolves Fans

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- It's safe to say Barry Posey has Red Wolves fever.

A Red Wolves statue that he proudly displays at his home on Main Street in Jonesboro is a symbol,he says, of his passion for ASU.

"I've gotten lots of people coming down Main street seeing it, and commenting on it," said Posey.

Inspired by other sculptures front and center on Main Street including a lamb and pig, Posey decided to add the  concrete creation to the landscape.

Now, he's encouraging other ASU fans to do the same.

"ASTATE is what we support. The mascot, it's our wolf--we'll learn to support it once we get in there. It may be hard --we almost want to say that other word sometimes," said Posey.

Posey says he noticed the statue in Paragould at The Cement Pond, a place that sells concrete statues.

The owner painted it too....making it ready for it's Main Street debut.

They're great to set on your steps at your home--just to show your support," said Posey.

Of course, there were no shortage of opinions when it came to naming the new mascot, but in the end, Barry Posey says he's happy to have the Red Wolves howling in his front yard.

"I don't think I could get a locomotive in my front yard, and I don't even know what a ridgerider looks like so this is by far the best choice," Posey says with a chuckle.

The statues are sold at Barry Posey's salon in Jonesboro. You can call 932-2191 to get more information. That store is located on Matthews in Jonesboro.

Also, they are sold at The Cement Pond in Paragould. To get more information on that location in Paragould, 239-3417.